– Larry Steele, Aurora Rents, Seattle, WA

“We are very satisfied with the construction and operation of the Barreto 30SG Stump Grinder. Most important is customer acceptance. It is a preferred piece of equipment specifically requested by our tree professionals. Feedback for ease of operation, power, and maintenance with lack of belts has all been positive. It has proven to have higher clearance and visibility. We have a long history of satisfaction with Barreto products from the tillers on.”

– Ben Cooke, Cooke Rentals, Mt. Airy, NC

 “Cooke Rentals started using Barreto trenchers in 2001. We used those trenchers for 10 years before we ever felt like we needed to replace them. We have since purchased other models for another store location along with the SG30 stump grinder and the track trencher.  Every product that we have ever purchased has been virtually maintenance free.  All Barreto equipment is innovatively designed, well-built and competitively priced. I would recommend them for any rental store.”

– David Hefflinger, Double R Rental & Sales, Langley, WA

“Barreto is a breath of fresh air in the world of industrial equipment, it’s rugged, efficient and beautifully engineered equipment. Everything they make is built to with stand the abuse of rental and last years, if not decades! The engineers at Barreto take the time to think about the “ease of service” and make their machines to have minimum down time between rentals.  Plus, the customer service provided is second to none, with a very knowledgeable staff that can answer almost every question. Even more importantly, if they don’t know; they will find out and make sure you get the help you need!  Their equipment just simply makes sense: Tough, easily maintained, simple and efficient. Barreto builds it better.”