Barreto Track Trenchers


IDEAL FOR:  Rental yards, landscape professionals, and homeowners
APPLICATION:  Underground sprinklers, dog fences, electrical lines, other shallow trenching activities
TRENCHING DEPTH:  24″ or 30″



IDEAL FOR:  Homeowners and landscape professional
APPLICATION:  Underground sprinklers, other trenching activities
TRENCHING DEPTH:  24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, or 48″


From soft and sandy to hard as a rock, these trenchers are designed to perform.  The track trenchers feature a 7.1” wide track that creates 241 square inches of footprint on each side of the machine. This provides outstanding traction on wet soil, clay, sand, or steep terrain while softening the impact on any existing landscaping.  The track absorbs most of the impact caused by rocks, roots, or other obstructions in the soil.  Track trenchers feature a weight advantage that improves traction, reduces impact, and provides stability.

Low maintenance and hardworking, track trenchers are reliable in the most difficult conditions.  The simple steering, large tracks, and size of this trencher make the operator’s job simple and keeps your customer satisfaction high.  With accessible yet protected components, maintenance costs are minimal.

United States Patent                    9,988,084